Outrageous Curries

This page is devoted to those curry experiences that are a bit outwith the norm...

Guru Balti - Naan bread

This naan bread was served up in Guru Balti in July 2011 - thanks to Brian Touhill for the photo!

Guru Balti - Naan

Note: that's not a miniature jug of water either!

Kismot Killer

Well this curry is just simply nuts! 15 naga chillies in the dish according to the owner - so many chillies that the sauce is actually crunchy!

Accompanied by some chili pilau rice - what more do you need to burn the insides? And if you finish it... it's free!

Kismot Killer

Dave and Gav attempted this in September 2009, but both failed... at least they managed to finish the meat though!

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