15th May 2013 : A Year Of Winners

Since we ended up with 3 previous winners on the calendar, myself and Brian decided to have a whole year of winners - with the exception of Suruchi Too since they have had too many bad visits by the health inspectors.

Hopefully this will make for some interesting voting for this year's restaurant of the year!

-- Gavin

30th January 2013 : Restaurant Of The Year (2012) : The Spice Pavilion

In yet another landslide victory, The Spice Pavilion has become the 2012 Restaurant Of The Year !! Obviously still well deserved as it remains at the top of our review table!

The Spice Pavilion has acheived what only one other restaurant has acheived before by becoming Restaurant Of The Year 2 years running.

This in itself is no mean feat as the current holder is always visited in January and has to make a significant impression if they are to be remembered at the end of the year.

Here'a a picture of Imran and Cristina Khan following presentation of their award.

2012 Restaurant Of The Year

-- Brian

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