23rd December 2010 : CTROTY Result.

The votes are in, have been counted and verified...

The CTCT Restaurant of the Year 2010 is IN TOUCH.

Go to Restaurant Of The Year Page to access voting details.

-- Brian

7th December 2010 : VOTE NOW.

OK folks, now's the time to vote for the Resturant of the Year 2010.

Not many real choices for me, but you'll need to make your own choice.

The Venues visited this year are:-

  • January - Khushi
  • February - Voujon
  • March - The Everest
  • April - The Himalaya
  • May - Gurkha Brigade
  • June (extra) - Abida
  • June - In Touch
  • July - Amani
  • August - Club India
  • September - Mumbai Mansion
  • October - The Verandah
  • November - Guchhi

Votes to me (Brian Tilley) by the close of play on the 22nd December,
so that the announcement can be made on 23rd December.

All the Best ...

-- Brian

22nd November 2010 : Kenyan Delight

Just returned from two week holiday in Kenya (including 4 day safari).

We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday especially the safari, although we only saw 3 of the "Big 5".
Plenty of other animals to keep us interested (including cheetahs and lions).
Gina especially loved the Giraffes.

What did surprise us, was the Eastern influence on the cuisine, especially on the vegetarian dishes.
Everything from Dhall (at least 4 different dhall dishes), to Bhindi Bhaji was excellent.

If you don't go to Kenya for the animals, then go for the food, it's amazing!

-- Brian

27th October 2010 : McCoys 2 for 1 offer on curry

McCoys crisps are offering "2 curries for the price of 1" with every packet of crisps purchased. Simply cut out the voucher on the back and present it to the restaurant when paying your bill.

Full list of participating restaurants is available on McCoys website.

-- Gavin

5th September 2010 : Another Month gone

Here we go again, the start of yet another month !

Don't know how it happens, but time seems to fly past so fast when I'm working! Especially since I'm a few years older than the rest of you!

Last Month (August) we visited Club India on Lothian Road. Sadly, the restaurant did not live up to any standard close to acceptable. Not a restaurant I would recommend in any circumstances!

Future Events

You'll soon be receiving invitations for the September Venue Mumbai Mansion in Morrison Street (just up from Ignite). So prepare to sign up and I'll look forward to seeing you all on September 29th. The organiser is Barry Nelson. I expect you'll hear from him soon.

See the Calendar page for more details.

-- Brian

4th August 2010 : Web Site Update

Gav has done it again !

Keen to keep improving the nature of our web resources, Gavin has updated the Restaurant Pages to include Google StreetView pictures and Google Maps for as many restaurants as possible.

Now, assuming there is a StreetView picture for the restaurant, instead of the pictures we used to have, you will find that the restaurant page has a split view with the upper half showing the StreetView picture and the lower half showing the Google map of the location.

New restaurants and restaurants in pedestrian areas retain the old picture format until google get their act in gear.

The original Maps can still be viewed by clicking on the map icon in the review list.

AWESOME stuff Gav :o)

Future Events

The next venue is another new restaurant Club India in Lothian Road.

So prepare to sign up and I'll look forward to seeing you all on August 25th.

The organiser will be announced soon.

See the Calendar page for more details.

-- Brian

2nd July 2010 : Half Year Review

Halfway through the year already! I swear the years are passing quicker as I get older.

So far we've had a mixture of New and re-visited venues with the latest being last years runner-up In Touch. It appears that Indian Restaurants are getting worse at coping with larger groups. This has meant, with our average group size being around 10 or more this year, that some of the meals have been quite slow. We can only hope that things improve as the year goes on.

Future Events

With the exception of The Verandah, the remaining venues are all new to us. I'm hoping that one or two turn out to be little gems :o)

So I'll stop wittering on and look forward to seeing you all on July 28th at Amani.

See the Calendar page for more details.

-- Brian

27th April 2010 : The Himalaya Revisited

Looks like another strong turnout for the revisit to The Himalaya this month. A group of twelve people have chosen to revisit the first restaurant to become Restaurant of the Year.

In actual fact, it was voted CCROTY for two years running in 2002 and 2003. I'm certainly looking forward to eating there again.

Lunchtime at Abida

Extra events have been inserted into our already overflowing calendar. Reports from Derek on Abida have been so good we just had to give it a try.

So for the curry diehards amongst you, come and join us on one of the extra events:-

  1. Lunchtime on Friday 7th May
  2. Evening on Wednesday 9th June

See the Calendar page for more details.

-- Brian

27th January 2010 : Restaurant Of The Year (2009) : Khushi

The first Crewe Toll Curry Tasters outing of 2010 was to the restaurant that was voted 2009 restaurant of the year, which was Khushi in Broughton Street.

A very nice meal had again by all and they were presented with a certificate to proudly hang on the wall. Here's Brian Tilley presenting:

2009 Restaurant Of The Year

-- Gavin

11th January 2010 : A New Calendar

Happy New Year to all of the Crewe Toll Curry Tasters!

We're only into our 2nd week back at work of the new year and already the curry website has been a hive of activity: voting for the 2009 restaurant of the year went to a re-vote and the ultimate winner was Khushi in Broughton Street. Also this year's calendar is already booked up to August with some old favourites and several new restaurants:

We'll hopefully see some good crowds this year at curry evenings.

-- Gavin

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