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Welcome to the website of the Crewe Toll Curry Tasters.

The Crewe Toll Curry Tasters is the curry club of [what is this year called] Selex ES, which based at Crewe Toll round-a-bout (hence the name) in Edinburgh. You may know the company as SELEX Galileo / SELEX SAS / BAE Systems / Marconi Electronic Systems / GEC Marconi Avionics / GEC Marconi / GEC Ferranti / Ferranti - take your pick : most of us have worked for several companies, but never left the building!

Latest News

6th January 2014 : Restaurant Of The Year (2013) : The Spice Pavilion

Yet again The Spice Pavilion has won the Restaurant Of The Year !! Obviously still well deserved as it remains at the top of our review table!

The Spice Pavilion is now the only restaurant to have won not only 3 times, but 3 times in succession! It's soon going to get embarrassing if we keep showing up in January ;-)

This in itself is no mean feat as the current holder is always visited in January and has to make a significant impression if they are to be remembered at the end of the year.

-- Gavin

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