Crewe Toll Curry Tasters Calendar 2015

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Date Venue Rating Organiser Pre-Meal Drinks in
28th January Winner of the CCROTY in 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014
The Spice Pavilion The Spice Pavilion www
3A1 Dundas Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 6QG map
0131 467 5506
(55 reviews)
Brian Tilley
Milnes Bar Milnes Bar
35 Hanover St,
Edinburgh, EH2 2PJ map
0131 225 6738
25th February    
25th March    
23rd April    
29th April    
27th May    
24th June    
29th July    
26th August    
30th September    
28th October    
25th November    
Meal is always booked for 7-30p.m. pre-meal drinks from 6-30p.m.

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